Saturday, August 15, 2009

How much do you save with Cloth Dipes?

Well actually this answer varies! There are so many ways to cloth diaper a child. You can use the most inexpensive way by purchasing prefolds, covers, and fasteners. Or you can use pockets or All-In-One's. Either way you save money and help save the enviroment.
For example if you chose to use pocket dipes such as Knickernappies One Size here is roughly how much you would spend (given you would wash the dipes every 2-3 days, I prefer to wash everyday so you would need a little less.)

36 Knickernappies One Size $18.95 each
24 Cloth Wipes $24.00
Total: $708.20

I know what you are thinking......EXPENSIVE! Well actually it seems like a lot of money but here is the breakdown for the disposables:

0-3 months 10-12 dipes a day= 900 dipes
3-12 months 8-10 dipes a day=2160 dipes
12-30 months 7-8 dipes a day=3780 dipes

All the following information was taken using Pampers Value Size Boxes from Babies R US
0-3 months Size 1 (4 packs of 216 dipes)=$164
3-12 months Size 3 (14 packs of 160 dipes)=$574
12-20 months Size 5 (24 packs of 156 dipes)=$984
Total: $1722!!

Add about $200 more for disposable wipes for a grand total of $1922!

So you save $1214!!!

Shocked aren't you? Not to mention whenever I went to Babies R US, other items always were in my cart that I didn't really need. There is a huge cost savings!

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