Monday, March 8, 2010

Earth Day 2010

In honor of Earth Day, invite a non-cloth diapering friend (or ten!) to take part in an intro to cloth diapers Twitter party called "Get Real! The Inside Poop on Cloth Diapers." The party will be on Thursday, April 22nd, hosted by EcoMom Media and the Real Diaper Association.

People who take part will be able to learn all about cloth diapers, including breaking myths that are out there, and spelling out the health, economic, and environmental benefits of using cloth.

Attendees will be eligible for party prizes, including a complete stash of cloth diapers! What is the best part of this for you? You can win prizes, too! You will receive one entry for our referral prize pool for each person who lists your email address as the person who referred them. Also, all cloth diapering mamas will be eligible for prizes during the party, too!

So jump on board and share the cloth diaper love this Earth Day! Registration starts April 1 at

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